Spring 2022

After a sleepy dark winter, Renscault Brooghs has awoken once again. The bees are active and the wildflowers are emerging to mark the beginning of another busy year.

Since our last update we have been focusing on getting some heavy, disruptive jobs done prior to nesting season. The entranceway and access track have been improved, we’ve cleared an area of bramble and cleaned some ditches to provide working space, and a few footpaths have been strimmed. Here are some pictures.

Now that the birds will be nesting, wildflowers emerging and invertebrates becoming active, we’ll hold off on anymore heavy work to avoid disturbing them and their habitats. As mentioned in previous posts; we’ll continue to watch the site until May which marks a full year since taking ownership and custodianship of this wonderful site.

An invertebrate survey is on the horizon, after which we’ll begin setting some aims and objectives which will centre around the re-wilding philosophy.

If you’d like to find out more then please feel free to get in touch. Here are a couple more pics including one of a Pale Bramble Rust (fungus) – Kuehneola uredinis – last recorded on the Island in 1994.