Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this amazing nature conservation project. Using a minimal intervention approach known as rewilding, we aim to let nature take charge in creating and restoring habitats within the landscape, thereby promoting sustainable wildlife diversification and resilience.

Renscault Brooghs is situated in the West Baldwin Valley near Douglas on the Isle of Man. Renscault is the name of the farm to which the site used to belong, and Broogh is a Manx word meaning steep slope or grassy cliff.

The site currently comprises permanent grazing pasture, scrub grassland, wetland, coniferous plantation, semi-natural broadleaf woodland and the River Glass. To the Southeast of the site, and sharing a boundary, is the Ballachrink Bird Sanctuary run by the Manx Wildlife Trust.

The project will be funded and managed by Manx Roots Ltd yet we encourage anyone who is interested to get in touch to find out more information, offer their opinion and advice or even get involved.

Our first step will be to conduct level 1 and level 2 ecological surveys to determine what species and habitats are present. Once we have these data we will be able to form long-term aims and objectives. We wish to share everything we do with anyone who cares and, in doing so, encourage opinions, ideas and new ways of thinking about nature conservation and rewilding in general.

If you have some productive ideas and opinions to share then please Contact us.