Show me a sign

The last couple of weeks have been pretty productive. We are very happy to finally have the for sale sign down and our new nameplate up. It looks a bit beaten-up at the moment but will intentionally rust over the coming weeks and then (hopefully) appear as if it’s been there forever.

Proudly presenting the new nameplate

The nameplate was produced by our good friend Stuart Storie from Mann Made Metalwork. It depicts the valley with its river, broadleaf and evergreen trees, deadwood and natural regeneration, and resident buzzards. See below.

Produced by the one and only Big Stu

On an even wilder note; the white flowers of the hawthorn have been replaced with creamy white flowers of the elder, and the grasses, bracken and bramble almost appear to be elongating before your very eyes. We even spotted our first wild orchids this week which was a real treat.

We are still patiently watching what wilderness the site has to offer before making any plans, but we do also have some surveys coming up so we’ll keep you posted on that.

As always, please feel free to contact us if you want further information or have something to share.