Spring 2022

After a sleepy dark winter, Renscault Brooghs has awoken once again. The bees are active and the wildflowers are emerging to mark the beginning of another busy year. Since our last update we have been focusing on getting some heavy, disruptive jobs done prior to nesting season. The entranceway and access track have been improved,… Continue reading Spring 2022

Brack’in business

This year’s dry and balmy summer has quickly been replaced by the damp cool days and cold dark nights of Autumn. The trees have put on their final show in preparation for winter dormancy and the lush green annual scrub vegetation has given up the battle and returned to the earth. Before we get in… Continue reading Brack’in business

Bees here now

Yet another productive few weeks at Renscault Brooghs. The wildflowers have climaxed and the grasses and bracken have kicked into overdrive! The insect activity has also gone turbo, which is undoubtedly welcomed by many hungry beaks, but the river is very low, which is not surprising given what little rain we’ve had. Dare I say,… Continue reading Bees here now